jeudi 1 septembre 2011


Valerian Hughes on the latest Haute Couture  issue from Collezioni magazine

The Eternal Feminine by Valerian Hughes

For his FW11/12 Couture collection, Valerian Hughes celebrates charm and femininity. Influenced by antique-style sensual heroines, Valerian makes them move with elegance in a wonderful and imaginary world, source of his inspiration. In this universe, women are sometimes wild creatures or elegant huntresses, dressed with fur and python, sometimes soft and delicate like a winter flower, surrounded by the softness of silk satins. Pastel tones and other natural colors contrast with the deep blacks and the midnight blue of a Venus out of the water. The nobility and the fluidity of the most delicate materials, combined with raw materials, sublimate women and underline their sensuality, to let her femininity bloom. That is the signature of Valerian Hughes.